Have you met Augmented Calendar yet?
She has an interesting story.

It all began when AI met Calendar in sunny California. The attraction was magnetic, and soon Augmented Calendar was born.

Like all other loving parents, they dedicated themselves to giving Augmented Calendar the best chance in life.

Continuous learning was the top priority. They filled her environment with Contextual Activities and Tasks™ (CAT) to ensure that she would learn "the smart way." They even automated her study routine with their own unique Autonomous Calendar Technology™ (ACT) to help her quickly attain a higher Contextual IQ™ (CONTIQ)

Today she is a renowned metadata scientist and uses her skills to unlock the value trapped inside an everyday object.

As an example, she found a treasure trove of productivity data inside the business calendars. With that discovery she transformed a humble calendar into a productivity supercharger.


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