How long will
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No business is too great to fail. That’s why the best leaders plan for the worst. Smart strategists prepare for headwinds and tailwinds and then harness both to their advantage. That’s how they stay resilient and competitive.

The question is, are you doing all you can to future-proof your growth?

We’re a group of researchers and software engineers who are passionate about creating innovative tools for lasting success.

We’ve discovered three areas where the best leaders consistently outperform their peers.

These are their actions

and here are our tools designed to help you do the same.

TORQ for tracking the known - Measuring and monitoring the quality of your revenue and all its predictors is the number one marker of lasting success. TORQ (Tracker of Revenue Quality) automates it.
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BE Explorer for finding the unknown – Being a thoughtful early adopter of cutting-edge science is a hallmark of outperformers. BE Explorer helps you use behavioral economics to see new signals and dimensions.
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R&D Mining for freeing up cash – Using tax credits as a source of capital is a smart way to achieve financial efficiency. R&D Mining helps you convert your to-do list into tax-saving R&D projects ready to do double duty.
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Taking these actions requires qualitatively different materials and radically superior instruments. We make your transition surprisingly simple, affordable, and painless.

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