ACT writes the metadata of productivity

Autonomous Calendar Technology™ (ACT) transforms calendar entries into the metadata of productivity. The conversion happens in two stages: parsing and writing.

Parsing – ACT parses both the calendar entries and their contextual data to create the metadata. For example, a meeting notice is analyzed in the context of the user’s job profile, project timeline, and other relevant information. The contextual data is the always-on power source of ACT. It makes it possible to generate the metadata for any work hour even when there are no direct entries in the calendar.

Writing – The metadata system continuously records the who, what, when, where, why, and how for each hour worked. The data fields are customizable, expandable, and scalable.

ACT balances AI with human control

ACT provides the users with the validation and editing tools that can be used to override AI-generated metadata entries on their calendar.

ACT creates a structured database for a new ecosystem

The structured database generated by ACT and the augmented calendar is ideal for building a new data-driven API ecosystem that can accelerate the growth of enterprise solutions in areas such as compliance documentation, improving operating efficiency, productivity assessment, resource planning, performance evaluation, and budgeting.


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