R&D tax credit is the best vehicle for OpEx monetization

R&D tax credit enables you to turn your OpEx into no-cost capital and create the virtuous cycle.

Documentation is the secret to monetization

OpEx monetization is not an accounting task. It requires a dedicated system and process.

Automate it

The solution is automation. Meet TESSA, Tax Efficiency Software and System Application.

How does TESSA automate OpEx monetization?

TESSA compiles and documents essential data for OpEx monetization by combining two things - our Autonomous Calendar Technology (ACT) and a knowledge synthesizer.

ACT makes it easy for users to manage while the synthesizer does the heavy lifting of analyzing every calendar entry through the prism of standard R&D lifecycles, government requirements, tax-credit terms, and human work patterns.

How much does TESSA cost?

TESSA becomes a part of your OpEx monetization cycle, making your net cost zero.


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